Monday, June 15, 2009

managing photos without facebook or flickr

I got tired of the unreliable photo upload of facebook and found the bandwidth and size limitations of flickr too, er, restrictive, so I looked around for something else. I came across Coppermine Gallery and IMHO it is brilliant.
The online manual tells you exactly how to set it up and it worked first time. I am pleased to say it works with FastHosts (my webspace provider). There is a slight deterioation in image quality that you don't get with facebook or flickr. I think this is combination of me making smaller jpgs and the fact that Coppermine is using GD. It can use ImageMagic where available. I am not sure which one is supposed to be the best.
So, all I need to do now is add menu options to my web site to refer to the various albums.

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