Saturday, November 25, 2017

Veracrypt instead of Truecrypt

Back in June 2014 Truecrypt died, but I and many others were able to build it from the source. I blogged about this before. Recently I had to access a couple of truecrypted volumes but found that my copy of truecrypt no longer worked. It relied on an old version of GTK that was no longer on my system. After some fruitless attempts to restore the required version of GTK2 I decided to try out VeraCrypt, which is the successor to Truecrypt.

Veracrypt is everything that Truecrypt was, and more. Fully open source, multi-platform strong encryption with optional plausible deniability and compatibility with Truecrypt. After installing yasm and libfuse I was able to build Veracrypt from source with no trouble at all. And it works. It was able to read my old truecrypt volumes. It also works on my Windows laptop. Wonderful! I have now switched over to Veracrypt.

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