Friday, February 21, 2014

Software developer competency matrix

One of the ACCU mailing lists currently has a thread going where the challenges of hiring good C++ developers is being discussed. Someone posted a link to a software developer competency matrix. I thought it was rather good so decided to blog about so I didn't forget and so that I would have something to go back to for reference purposes.

Someone else in the thread posted that they had been inspired by another one but I found that was much more career/corporation oriented. The first one is much better for a techie to measure up against. It can be used to measure oneself or if you are involved the hiring game.


Gareth Lewin said...

Can't seem to click on the first link.

Andrew Marlow said...

Hmm. It works for me. Googling for 'Software developer competency matrix' also finds it (as the first hit).