Wednesday, December 17, 2008

importing into DSpace

I finally managed to import a text file into DSpace today. It was "Decline of Science in England" by Charles Babbage. Here's how I did it:

  • create an import directory. I called mine test-import.
  • Create a directory below the import directory. I named it decline, after the book.
  • Put the text file into the directory 'decline'.
  • Create the file dublin_core.xml, in the 'decline' directory. The file looked like this:
        <dcvalue element="title" qualifier="none">
            Decline of Science in England
        <dcvalue element="subject" qualifier="none">
  • Create a file called content. The file contains a list of filenames, one per line. In this case I had body (which was the name of my text file) and preface, which was a separate preface file I created.

To import the item I then created a community and a collection under it, and gave this command:

bin\dsrun -a -e emailAddress
-m mapfile.out -c 125050010/1469 -s test-import

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Bob Reeves said...

I've recently imported a large Access database into DSpace. Texas Digital Library will be hosting this for us. Everything is presently working fine with the exception of the following problem:

When I manually input an entry using the default DSpace input forms, DSpace puts the author into the dc.creator fields and nowhere else. If I subsequently use the DSpace 'search by author' that entry will NOT show up. If I do an advanced search and click author and put the author name in there, it returns the correct item.

Any idea what's going on here? The defaults for search are as installed in dspace.cfg, and include dc.creator.* - which I thought would include dc.creator.