Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using ActiveMQ and JNDI

I am using JMS again, this time via ActiveMQ. The difference is that time time there is no admin department to set up the queues for me and tell me what property names are needed for the various attributes, such as connection queue factory. Also I need to set up JNDI myself. On Windoze I wanted to set up the ActiveMQ server as a service. This was not documented but luckily it comes with a simple batch service installer. After a bit of digging around I found that once AMQ is running you can connect to a web-based admin facility via http://localhost:8161/admin. This includes the ability to browse the queues. Hermes may not be needed after all! There does appear to be some JNDI stuff inside ActiveMQ. Some help is given in but it is very short on detail. Dynamic queues lets us test things easily. Another little gotcha I found was that the binary install of ActiveMQ does not install the XStream jar bu that jar is needed to examine the contents of queue messages via the web-based queue browser.

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