Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Interesting s/w: gramps

gramps gramps is a program for displaying and editing genealogical information in the standard GEDCOM file format. Julian Cohen gave me the GEDCOM file for Brenda's family tree and I tried to build gramps so I could display it. There are some teething troubles building gramps which I document in this blog. gramps requires very recent versions of gconf and gnome-python. A little gotcha which is not at all obvious is that gnome-python also requires a very recent version of pyorbit otherwise gnome.ui will not be built. When this happens, the grams configure says that gnome-python is not there even when it is! So here is what you have to do: install gconf (I used version 2.12.1) install python (2.4.2) install pygtk (2.8.2) install pyorbit (2.13.1) install gnome-python (2.12.3) Now a configure && make && make install for gramps should work.

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